Michal Defik (9/11/2)

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40K Polish Team Championships 2021 ===== PLAYER 2 ===== PLAYER: Michał Defik Kondziella LEAGUE ID: TO104 TK ID: Michal Defik ARMY FACTIONS USED: Tyrannids, Genestealer Cult TOTAL ARMY POINTS: 2000 TOTAL POWER LEVEL: 107 REINFORCEMENTS POINTS: 0 TOTAL KP: 14 PRE GAME STRATAGEMS: None STARTING COMMAND POINTS: 8 (+D3) WARLORD & TRAIT: Primus (Inscrutable Cunning) SECONDARY OBJECTIVES INFO: NO PRISONERS: 128 TO TE LAST UNITS: 2x Genestealers + The Swarmlord / Acolyte Hybrids TITAN HUNTER: 0 BRING IT DOWN: 2 ASSASSINATION: 10 ABHOR THE WITCH: 6 ==Patrol Detachment - Tyrannids - Kraken== HQ1: THE SWARMLORD: Catalyst, Onslaught [240][PL:14] TROOPS1: GENESTEALERS (x20): Acid maws (x5), Scything Talons (x20) [260][PL:16] TROOPS2: GENESTEALERS (x20): Acid maws (x5), Scything Talons (x20) [260][PL:16] TROOPS3: RIPPER SWARMS [36][PL:2] ELITE1: LICTOR [37][PL:2] ELITE2: LICTOR [37][PL:2] ==Patrol Detachment - Tyrannids - Kronos== HQ1: NEUROTHROPE: Symbiostorm [95][PL:5] TROOPS1: TERMAGAUNTS [50][PL:3] ELITE1: HIVE GUARDS (x6)[270][PL:12] ELITE2: HIVE GUARDS (x6)[270][PL:12] ==Patrol Detachment - Genestealer Cult - Cult of Four-Armed Emperor== HQ1: PRIMUS: Warlord (Inscrutable Cunning)[85][PL:4] TROOPS1: ACOLYTE HYBRIDS (x20): Heavy Rock Saw (x7), Cult Icon [240][PL:12] TROOPS1: ACOLYTE HYBRIDS [40][PL:3] ELITE1: KELEMORPH: Oppressor's Bane (free relic) [80][PL:4] Tyranids Genestealer cult
Puchar Pruszkowa Tyranids Genestealer cult
[CHALLENGER] [7-8.12.2019] [Warszawa] DMG Genestealer cult Tyranids
Toruń 1500 Defik Genestealer cult Tyranids
3City Heresy 2019