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Sec. Points:
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Primary codex:
T'au Empire
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T'au Empire
Player 3: James Wilson
Team: Manchester Hive Wargaming

Factions Used: Aeldari
Army Points: 2000
Reinforcement Points: 0
Number of Units / Killpoints: 11
Pre Game Stratagems: Relic, Warlord Trait, Favoured of the Laughing God
Starting Command Points: 0
Warlord & Trait: Troup Master - Favour of Cegorach, Player of the Dark
Army Trait: Strands of fate
Secondary Objectives Information
No Prisoners: 40
Bring it down: 9
Assasination: 10
Abhor the witch: 6

== Aeldari - Harlequins - Dark - Patrol Detachment (Travelling Players) = -3CP, [51PL 1235pts] == Dark Deeds

HQ: Troupe Master [5PL, 110pts] (WARLORD)
-- Veiled King
-- Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Kiss
-- Stratagem: Relic - Cegorach's Rose
-- Stratagem: Warlord Trait - Player of the Dark
-- Stratagem: Favoured of the Laughing God - Favour of Cegorach

TR: 5 Troupe [4PL, 100pts]
-- lead player with Fusion Pistol and Harlequin's Kiss
-- 1 player with fusion pistol and Harlequin's Caress
-- 1 player with Harlequin's Caress
-- 2 players with Harlequin's Embrace

FA: 3 Skyweavers [8PL, 150pts] 3 skyweavers with zephyrglaive

HS: 3 Voidweavers [15PL, 390pts] 3 voidweavers with prismatic cannon
HS: 3 Voidweavers [15PL, 390pts] 3 voidweavers with prismatic cannon

DT: Starweaver [4PL, 95pts]

== Aeldari - Asuryani - Ynnari - Outrider Detachment = -3CP, [37PL, 765pts] == Strength From Death

HQ: The Yncarne [13Pl, 260pts]

EL: 1 warlocks [2PL, 40pts] Protect/Jinx

FA: 5 Shining Spears [11PL, 210pts]
-- Shining Spear Exarch with expert lancers, shimmershield, shuriken cannon, star lance

FA: 5 Warp Spiders [6PL, 135pts]
-- Warp Spider Exarch with web of deceit, two death spinners, powerblades

FA: 5 Warp Spiders [6PL, 120pts]
-- Warp Spider Exarch with two death spinners, powerblades

Player 1: Nassim Fouchane
Team: DakkaDakka
Factions used: T’au Empire
Army Points:1999 / 100PL
Reinforcement Points: 0
Number of Units / Kill Points: 13
Pre-game stratagems: Warlord Trait, Promising Pupil x2
Starting command points: 1CP
Warlord: Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit
Army Trait: Devastating Counterstrike, Philosophes of War
Secondary Objectives:
Bring it down: 8
Assassination: 10
Abhor the Witch: 0
No prisoners: 62
== Farsight Enclaves - Patrol Detachment - 4 CP ==[1,280pts, 56PL] ==

HQ - Commander in Crisis Battlesuit, Promising Pupil: Precision of the Hunter

3x Cyclic Ion Blaster, Thermo projector[-1CP, 180pts, 8PL]

TR - 10 Kroots [60pts, 3PL]

EL - 3x Crisis Battlesuits.

2x Shas’ui, 2x Burst, 1x Cyclic Shas’ui, Target Lock.
1x Shas’vre, 2x Burst Cannon, 1x Cyclic Ion Blaster, Target Lock[195pts, 9PL]

HS - Riptide. 2x Plasma Rifles. Ion Accelerator. Target lock, multitracker, velocity tracker, 1 shielded missile drone. [265pts, 14PL]

HS - Riptide. 2x Plasma rifles. Ion accelerator. Target lock. Multitracker, velocity tracker. [250pts, 13PL]

FL- Sun Shark Bomber [165pts, 9PL]

FL- Sun Shark Bomber [165pts, 9PL]

== Farsight Enclaves - Patrol Detachment / -4 CP ==[719pts, 44PL] ==

HQ- Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit Warlord: Exemplar of the Mont’ka

High-output Burst Cannon, Burst Cannon x2, Plasma Rifle. [- 1CP, 160pts, 7PL]

TR - Kroot [60pts, 3PL]

EL - 5x Crisis Battlesuits.
3x Shas’ui, 1 Plasma Rifle, 1 Cyclic Ion Blaster, 1 Burst Cannon, 3 Shield Generators.
1x Shas’ui, 1 Plasma Rifle, 1 Cyclic Ion Blaster, 1 Burst Cannon, Early warning override.
1x Shas’vre, 1 Plasma Rifle, 1 Cyclic Ion Blaster, 1 Burst Cannon, Shield generator, Stimm Injectors
2x Shield Drones 1x Marker drone [405pts, 21PL]

EL - Firesight marksman. Promising pupil, Exemplar of the Kauyon [70pts, 3PL, -1CP]

FA - 4x Kroot Hounds [24pts, 1PL]