BCTW, Gdańska 187, 85-674 Bydgoszcz



TwojeHobby Sklep Modelarski - https://www.twojehobby.eu/


Team Limit:

35 teams


Round 1: Burden of Trust / Raise Banners / Hammer and Anvil / Stoły WTC nr: 31, 7, 39

Round 2: Unexploded Ordnance / Smoke and Mirrors / Tipping Point / Stoły WTC nr: 49, 51, 55

Round 3: Terraform / Swift Action / Crucible of Battle / Stoły WTC nr: 18, 2, 34

Round 4: Linchpin / Adapt or Die / Search and Destroy / Stoły WTC nr: 29, 1, 45

Round 5: Scorched Earth / Fog of War / Crucible of Battle / Stoły WTC nr: 26, 14, 42



Payment Preregistration is open until <16.06> is 510 PLN TEAM (160PLN per person + 10PLN Polish league TAX).

The payment includes a gift, day one dinner, snacks, drinks etc. The payment is non-returnable, unless the tournament is cancelled or player limit is reduced due to sanitary restrictions.

Preregistration payment is to be sent to:

B&B Schmidt

NBP 28 1440 1215 0000 0000 0206 5347

Please do include the team’s name in the title.


Team Composition:

Teams of 3 players

No codexes/indexes/faqs published after 22.06.2024 may be used.

- Strikeforce

- 2000pts

- Forge World allowed

- Legends not allowed

- WTC base size document should be used in regards to how model should be based (https://worldteamchampionship.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-Basisize-Document-WTC-version-1.1.xlsx)


Factions in a team:

For the purpose of factions at the tournament, a single book, like Codex: Space Marines, or Codex: Aeldari, will always use up the slot as soon as one of the armies/factions that is listed within it, or stems from any supplements that are released for it, are taken in a team. This means for instance that when an ANHRATHE, ASURYANI, HARLEQUINS or YNNARI units is featured in a team, none of these units may be featured in another list on the team.


List of the codex books that are available:

Space Marines

Grey Knights

Adeptus Custodes

Adeptus Mechanicus

Adepta Sororitas

Astra Militarum

Questor Imperialis

Imperial Agents

T'au Empire



Genestealer Cults

Craftworld Eldar


Leagues of Votann


Heretic Astartes

Chaos Daemons

Thousand Sons


Questor Traitoris

World Eaters



*The teams have to submit all their lists in the TourneyKeeper!

*The list needs to be written in accordance with WTC rulespack.

*The player needs to register in Tourney Keeper:




*Sending valid rosters until the end of:  25.06.2024

*Uploading valid and corrected rosters in Tourney Keeper until the end of: 28.06.2024


*Round 1 pairings will be available a day after all the rosters are sent. The teams are then required to check their opponents lists for any errors and post them in a single message from the team captain on the forum. If you found no errors please type “TEAM X – OK”. You will have until the end of 27.06.2024 to check them.


*Corrections to any errors have to be uploaded to Tourney Keeper until the end of: 28.06.2024

Failure to do so will result in penalty points.








Game Time: 3:30hrs



Registration: 8:30-9:00

Game 1:  9:00-12:30

Game 2: 12:45-16:15

Dinner break: 16:15-16:45

Game 3: 16:45-20:15



Game 4: 9:00-12:30

Game 5: 12:45-16:15

Awards ceremony: 16:15-16:45


Hobby Score:


- each model needs to be assembled and have WYSIWYG

- The armies do have to be properly painted and modeled

Battle Ready:

All models must be glued and/or magnetized and fully painted,

By a painted model we mean one that has detailed elements such as armor, robes, and smaller parts such as weapons, emblems on armor, holsters, tracks on tanks, windows, spikes, etc. must be distinguished either by painting them with colors other than the base color of the armor or garments on the model, whether by shading or highlights other than those on the main body of the model

Monochromatic painting schemes, ghost armies, etc. must be individually approved by the organizer,

The base must be prepared. A prepared base means:

a) a base with Texture paint from GW (or equivalent from another company) applied

b) a base with some form of sand, static grass, cork, etc. glued on and painted

c) a stage base, painted

Models must be WYSIWYG of all weapon elements that have some choice (i.e. special weapons, systems, mutations, etc.),

The same units must have distinctions such as:

a) different colors of the base edges

b) differently painted shoulder pads

c) colored rubber bands applied to the models

d) anything else that will enable them to be distinguished at first glance

Any model found violating this rule will be removed from play. If you’re unsure if your army is battle ready contact us at refs40k@gmail.com


- Players using converted or alternative models are expected to contact refs with photos of such models at 40k discord or via mail (refs40k@gmail.com) in regards of being allowed to use them. While providing the photo a player is expected to show his converted/alternative model next to an assembled, unaltered original.


Failure to do so may result in the models being removed from play


- Any size difference between a model being used and currently sold, normally assembled one is also subject to the rule above.



General rules:


- we’re using 10th edition rules, with all codexes, FAQs, Chapter Approved, WTC FAQs released before 22.06.

- we’ll be playing on 60x44” tables,

- Each game uses a fixed game length: 5 turns will be played,

-. It is BOTH players’ responsibility to ensure mandatory things that happen in the game take place. It is customary to ask your opponent at the end of his movement phase if he is sure he does not want to bring any reserves on before moving on to the next phase.

- The terrain is placed by players, for each table there will be a set of terrains that players have to set up following the table layout. Players are expected to set up terrains on their table for the next mission after finishing the game.

- If something is not in the rules pack the referees can (and will) make relevant rulings during the tourney.

- The players are required to have the relevant rules, faqs etc. for their army,

- The players can, for whatever reason, choose not to play the game- there are 2 options that can be taken:

a) tactical draw- 10:10 match points (0:0 victory points)

b) walkover- 20:0 (50:0)

This has to be communicated ASAP to a referee.




Chess clocks and Time management:


- Chess clocks are mandatory. Each player is allocated equally half the remaining round time once pairings have been completed.

- It is MANDATORY that ALL games conclude their full complement of 5 turns within the allotted time.

- Deathclock: Once a player hits their allotted time on the clock, the normal rules for playing the game no longer apply (rules such as that you MUST attack when it is your turn to fight) and they can take no further actions during the game except in order to:

A – Make saving throws, and taking a Battleshock Test if required to

B – Score objectives that they have achieved or already hold


- Penalties will be applied at the discretion of the referees if they feel clocks are not managed properly, if players try to abuse time management, or if a game does not complete the mandatory 5 turns.

-Players are not allowed to pause the clock at any time. Pausing the clock may only be done by a referee if they feel it is necessary during a game. If a player pauses the clock at any time this is a foul. As well as any penalty applied the referee may adjust the clock to establish what they feel is the correct game state.

- Furthermore, if a game does not complete the mandatory 5 turns and a referee hasn’t already been involved, then the captains and coaches are obliged to inform the referees immediately. Failure to do so can incur a penalty at the discretion of the referees. This is so that the referee corps is always aware of any ‘repeat offenders’ and therefore potentially deliberate slow play.

To enforce this there will be penalties imposed on any team that has a player that is unable to finish their game within their allotted time. This is called a Timekeeping Foul (given for not finishing 5 rounds). These penalties will be applied to the team, and will carry through the rounds to the end of the event. It is possible to earn more than one penalty in a round if more than one player on a team commits a timekeeping foul. To be clear, it doesn't matter if different players on the team, during different rounds, commit a foul, the penalties are cumulative. Timekeeping fouls earned through running out of time in the round will not stack with any other penalty that has been applied to your team for any other reason unless the judges feel that this should be the case. This will be an extreme circumstance and not the usual way that this will be handled.

a) 1st Timekeeping Foul - Official team warning

b) 2nd Timekeeping Foul – 5 Game Points per team

c) 3rd Timekeeping Foul – 10 Game Points per team

d) 4th Timekeeping Foul – 15 Game Points per team



Players Penalties:


a) Warning

no penalty, but a second warning or additional reprimand results in yellow card.

b) Reprimand

up to 10 game points for the player, second reprimand or additional warning results in yellow card

c) Yellow card

-5-20 game points for the player. 2 Yellow Cards will result in a Red Card.

d) Red card

-100 points and the player is immediately expelled from the tourney and all his scores are changed to 0:20. The team can put in a substitute player

e) The referees have the right to escalate any penalty, depending on the gravity of the situation, which means that player can get a red card without previous yellow card of warning, if gravity of the situation is serious.


Teams Penalties:

Any penalties occurred during tournament as a result of player infraction also incur a team cumulative penalty.

a) 1st infraction - Official team warning

b) 2nd infraction – 5 Game Points per team

c) 3rd infraction – 10 Game Points per team

d) 4th infraction – 15 Game Points per team



- the terrain is placed by players, for each table there will be a set of terrains that players have to set up following the table layout. Players are expected to set up terrains on their table for the next mission after finishing the game.

- advanced terrain rules from the Rulebook will be in use,

- WTC terrain rules are in effect,

- WTC terrain maps will be used

- It is both captains’ duty to make sure every table is set up properly


Individual Scoring


Victory points scored by each player for his team are cumulative from these parts:


Primary objectives

Secondary objectives

DO NOT add painting score to your round total


A tabling does not automatically give a player 20 points. Instead, the player who is not tabled continues to play the game until a natural conclusion.


VP Differential..............Game score


0-5 ............................... 10 - 10

6-10 ..............................11 - 9

11-15 ........................... 12 - 8

16-20 ........................... 13 - 7

21-25 ........................... 14 - 6

26-30 ........................... 15 - 5

31-35 ........................... 16 - 4

36-40 ........................... 17 - 3

41-45 ........................... 18 - 2

46-50 ........................... 19 - 1

51+ .............................. 20 - 0


Team score:


33-60 Win (2 round points)

28-32 Draw (1 round point)

0-27 Lose (0 round points)




1) The players place all the objectives on the table and then Captains check if every terrain on each table is set up as symmetrically as possible and fix any issues described in the maps.

2) Captains roll off to determine which team will get to choose its table first. That team gains the “table choice” token.

3) Team A and team B secretly choose their defender and reveal them simultaneously.

4) After that, Team A and team B secretly choose their two attackers for the given defender and reveal them simultaneously.

5) Team A takes the two attackers given by team B, and secretly chooses which one is refused.

6) Team B does the same with the two attackers selected by team A.

At this point, two defenders know their attackers; this identifies two games. Log this on the score sheet. The Team with the “table choice” token lets his defender choose the table first followed by the defender whose team didn’t have the table choice token. Two tables are now no longer available.




Round 1: Burden of Trust / Raise Banners / Hammer and Anvil

Round 2: Unexploded Ordnance / Smoke and Mirrors / Tipping Point

Round 3: Terraform / Swift Action / Crucible of Battle

Round 4: Linchpin / Adapt or Die / Search and Destroy

Round 5: Scorched Earth / Fog of War / Crucible of Battle




Tables set up in rows of 1-8, divided in 5s.

For example, set 1 is 1-3, set 2 is 4-6 etc. (just an example, not representative of the final layout).